Venezia Jewellery is family base business in Darwin. We started a Burmese Jade business in 1985 back in Vietnam. I developed my skills as carving Jade.  However, between 1986 – 1987 man-made Jade had flooded the Vietnam market, and caused a lot of damaged to the natural Jade market. Due to the massive damage in the jade industry, we decided to divert our path into the jewellery trade for a couple of years. From Vietnam, we then moved to the Philippines due to after the war issues in the country, however, that did not stop our learning and skill development in the jewellery trade. 


After overcoming all the obstacles, we finally got the chance to set up Venezia Jewellery. The inspiration of the name Venezia came from one of the European cities, Venice. We once visited Venice, and fell in love in first sight. It was the most stunning city we have ever seen, so we wanted to create and design jewellery with the same beauty and elegance as Venice.


Since we have started our little Venezia Jewellery store in Darwin Mall. Our business has gradually gained support from locals and interstate customers. We are always appreciative to all of our customers who have supported our business throughout these years. We specialize in custom made jewellery, Argyle Pink diamonds, White diamonds, and Australian South Sea Pearl. We always source our diamonds direct from legitimate suppliers and conflict free companies.